Copywriting with ChatGPT. Quick. Easy. Creative.

Werbetext Seminar

Copywriting with ChatGPT. Quick. Easy. Creative.

Quick. Easy. Creative.

A new approach to marketing and advertising

The key to using ChatGPT for translation lies in the quality of the input. Your ability to use the prompt function, specify parameters and ask the right questions is essential. This workshop shows you how to fine-tune your input, set the tone and formulate queries for the best possible results.

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model designed to generate human-like text responses from a prompt or other input. It is fully capable of understanding and generating text in a conversational manner. ChatGPT can engage in dialogue, answer questions, provide explanations and offer suggestions. What’s more, it can generate creative content that can be effectively used in marketing and advertising!

Does it work? We tried it out and discovered that ChatGPT is a valuable tool for creating headlines, ads, flyers, brochures, websites, e-commerce shops, email and social media posts. It can even suggest full-scale marketing and advertising strategies!

A game-changer for copywriting success

ChatGPT is a powerful – and potentially challenging – copywriting tool. It generates advertising copy quickly and easily based on your input. Watch as it fills your screen with a first draft in just a few seconds. This new approach creates instant results – and the benefits for copywriting and translating are truly amazing. But where are its strengths and weaknesses?

AI language models have limitations in their domain-specific knowledge. They may struggle to provide accurate and detailed information in highly specialized fields or niche subjects. It is important to understand that AI translation may not always capture the nuances, context, or cultural subtleties of the source text. In certain situations, this can lead to inaccurate or nonsensical responses.

Unlocking the power of ChatGPT

An English-language draft generated by ChatGPT needs to be edited, corrected and adapted. But how do you preprocess and clean the text before entering it into the AI translation system? How do you differentiate good from bad English? Fact from fake? Buzzword bingo from good style? What emotions do you want to trigger? Which target audience, communication goals and channels are you aiming for? What are the potential cultural biases that can arise from the training data used to develop AI models?

The key to using ChatGPT effectively lies in the quality of the input along with your ability to use the prompt function and ask the right questions. This workshop shows you how to fine-tune your input and formulate queries for the best possible results. The real fun starts with writing and editing. ChatGPT helps you reach a higher level of creativity by suggesting corrections to your text based on defined criteria.

Note: The above text was generated using ChatGPT.

One-day workshop agenda

  • Intro: develop high-impact copy for marketing and advertising
  • ChatGPT preparation: setup, account, navigation
  • Parameters for text input
  • Generating and translating a first draft
  • Professional archiving
  • Language evaluation criteria
  • Target group, purpose, channel and text type
  • Grammar, writing style, text structures
  • Editing criteria
  • Identify text potential
  • Evaluate genre, story culture, roles and creative level
  • Query, prompt, concretize and specify
  • Re-write and compare results
  • Develop and adapt suggested text
  • Generate SEO keywords
  • Use ChatGPT for marketing and media plans, event concepts or trade show planning

Workshop objectives

  • Start at the beginning
  • Develop new copywriting ideas
  • Increase your ability to assess text
  • Improve your writing style, structure, expression, narrative and emotional impact
  • Gain confidence and control in your creative writing

Copywriting with ChatGPT. Key questions

  • What are the first three steps?
  • How do you distinguish between fact and fake?
  • What are the upsides/downsides of ChatGPT?
  • Which storytelling structures can ChatGPT master?
  • Which stories and roles can be narrated?
  • What imitations and errors are in the matrix?
  • What level of text quality and creativity can ChatGPT achieve?
  • Which briefing essentials are fulfilled?
  • Which target groups, communication goals and channels are in focus?
  • Are the USP and advertising promise included?
  • How can you build your copywriting and storytelling skills?
  • What is the current legal status regarding usage and copyrights?

Workshop methodology

Learning through active participation, you update your expertise with individual and group exercises. Benchmarks and discussions increase the training level.

You are welcome to submit your own writing for assessment prior to the workshop date. Feedback and analysis are integrated into the training session and discussed in the group.

You can also submit a recent long copy or ChatGPT experiment that you would like to continue working on in the training session. Please provide this as a before/after example.

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