Goldene Regeln für den englischen Werbetext

Werbetext Checkliste

Golden Rules of Copywriting

Who are you talking to?

  • Define target audience
  • Keep persona in mind

Identify key benefits/features

  • Focus on real advantages (benefits)
  • Lower costs, increased productivity, fewer defects, etc.

Focus your information

  • What is important to my reader?
  • What is going to convince them?

Leave out unimportant details

  • Avoid information overload!
  • Remove unnecessary words

Use headlines to grab the reader’s attention (surprise!)

  • 5 words or less
  • Apply alliteration as a tool

Reduce sentence length to max. 20 words

  • 12-15 words is ideal
  • Use emotional (feeling) words instead of logical (brainy) expressions

Use a bullet list for facts & figures

  • Numbers, dates, sizes
  • Performance info, technical specs

Keep it short and simple (KISS)

  • Avoid fill words

Use everyday language

  • Tell an interesting story

Clear thinking is the key to clear writing!

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